Hello Neximation Players! I am unsure if any of you have been following the recent cryptocurrency hype, but as I write this, it costs more than $18,000 for a single bitcoin. I am very eager to bring the blockchain to Neximation with “Enjin Coin”, a cryptocurrency for gamers. Since our website, neximation.com, is hosted on Enjin, it will be an easy integration for our community and Minecraft servers. Anyone interested in donating to our site will be able to do so with Enjin Coin, receiving “Neximation Gold” Tokens in return. In this manner, all transactions will be transparent. That is, anyone will see how donations are spent and NexGold holders will be able to vote how funds are spent. If a token holder ever decides they don't like the direction Neximation is heading, they can cash out remaining tokens for Enjin Coin and spend them somewhere else or turn them back into cash.

Now, I am sure this all sounds rather exciting, but none of these features have been implemented yet. However, there is plenty our community can do to help. If you have extra dough lying around, buy and hold Enjin Coin, I already doubled $20 with my Enjin Coin investment. If this is something you are interested in, PLEASE BE AWARE of the high risks in the cryptocurrency market due to its volatile nature. You can expect your value to fluctuate.

Enjin Coin is very new, next year, gaming communities hosted on the Enjin Platform (like ours) will receive Enjin Coin based on store transactions. However, we do not have very many donation sales. To receive Enjin Coin and exposure, I would love to enroll in the Enjin Coin Build Contest that ends in only 6 days. We plan to start a group build on the Zombie Server, anyone interested in participating should first read https://enjincoin.io/contest.html and then join us for the group build. We also need streamers and social media enthusiasts to help our community receive as much exposure as possible. I will update everyone with details on discord as Valkyrie_X and I figure them out. This contest is most important of all, as the grand prize winner receives thousands of dollars, enough to run our servers for years to come. If we win nothing at all, we should receive exposure from Enjin Coin holders, maybe some will be interested in joining our community.

I am more than eager for the future of cryptocurrency and what it means for gaming. I hope Neximation will join the craze, and maybe we will even make some money in the process. I will see you all at the group build!